“The Warriors” by Gilda Garza was truly celebrated last night in iconic Las Vegas, at the famous OMNIA Nightclub

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Saturday, September 16th, Las Vegas – Last night an eclectic and fashionable crowd gathered for the “The Warriors” Art Exhibit & Event by Gilda Garza held on the Terrace of OMNIA Nightclub, inside Caesar’s Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Gilda Garza is one of today’s most prominent female artists from Mexico. Her artwork has sold out across both South and North America and has begun its expansion into Europe. Her use of color and expressionistic style has captivated the artistic elite as well as Hollywood celebrities and her fame continues to grow.


The title of the exhibition was “The Warriors” which were depicted in bright blues, greens, reds and golds, magnificent tribal warrior portraits. However the deeper meaning of the painting also came through, the empowerment that Gilda herself embodies, as a powerful woman in a predominantly male-dominated world of fine art, she must herself be a warrior. Gilda says “It is good to have a warrior and know that you will always be protected, but we can not expect someone else to protect us. You are your own warrior and you can fight for your own dreams. Fight for what you love, your family and for your country. That’s my inspiration for The Warriors. I love my warrior because he reminds me of who I am.”

Guests of last night’s exhibition were the first to view the new collection by Gilda Garza, “The Warriors” which was received extremely well, with several pieces selling to top collectors amongst the guests. They enjoyed cocktails provided by the highly skilled OMNIA mixologists on the Terrace which provided the exclusive location for this highly anticipated art unveiling.

The party continued after the Art Exhibition was concluded, inside OMNIA nightclub’s main room. In honor of the event “The Warriors” exhibition was celebrated as images of Gilda Garza’s artwork were put on display for all to see. With the event coinciding with Mexican Independence Day Weekend, the after-party was serenaded by a live Mariachi band who led Gilda Garza and her guests to their VIP table located in the main room. The event was a huge success as the group partied way into the early hours of the morning.